Sports Photography Services Marketing Templates

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Sports Prepay Envelope

Sports Prepay Envelope back,
PSD format for Photoshop CC/CS, 8.5x14

Sports Prepay Envelope front,
INDD format for Adobe InDesign CC, 8.5x14

Sports Marketing Bi-fold Booklet

Sports Folded Marketing booklet, outside, folded size 8.5x11

Sports Folded Marketing booklet, inside, folded size 8.5x11

Insert Pages - Sports Marketing Booklet

Sports Digital Background Insert side 1, size 8.5x11

Sports Digital Background Insert side 2, size 8.5x11

All Sport Insert, size 8.5x11

Contact Page Insert, size 8.5x11, Add your info.

Sports Marketing Trifold

Sports Product Trifold (outside), 8.5x11 Add your info.

Sports Product Trifold (inside), 8.5x11 Add your info.

Sports Reorder Window Flyer

Maximize this Sales Opportunity! Customize to your needs, add your products, packages, info, logo, contact, reorder form, barcode, QR and more to these layered PSD 8x10 backgrounds (Photoshop CS and above). Available with or without content shown in samples above.
Reorder form graphics sold separately, InDesign CS (INDD format) Graphic can be customized in InDesign and added to your Window Flyer.

8x10 Sports Reorder Window Flyer (left - with content, right - background only).
Reorder form graphic (see below) sold separately, InDesign CS (INDD format).

Sports Reorder Form Graphic 3x8 (sold separately) for InDesign CS.

11x17 Sports Display Poster Designs

Great for presentation display boards, trade shows and more. Can be upsized.

11x17 Display Poster, 1117DSP20

11x17 Display Poster, 1117DSP19

11x17 Display Poster, 1117DSP15

11x17 Display Poster, 1117DSP12

11x17 Display Poster, 1117DSP11

11x17 Display Poster, 1117DSP10

11x17 Display Poster, 1117DSP8

11x17 Display Poster, 1117DSP7